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There are more and more graphic novels that deal with historical themes and aim to raise awareness and provoke reflection alongside aesthetically pleasing illustrations and captivating storytelling. The graphic novels about the biographies of Otto Rosenberg and Emilie Danielová also want to be more than just entertaining: They highlight the fate of Sinti and Roma in Germany and the Czech Republic - a topic that is often marginalised - if not completely forgotten - in the culture of remembrance.

But how can teachers and political educators meaningfully integrate the graphic novels into lessons or international youth encounters? What methods are available for teaching content with the help of the graphic novels about Otto and Emilie?

Here we will soon publish a didactic guide (German, Czech, English) to support teachers and political educators in using the materials in the best possible way and integrating them meaningfully into their work.

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Digital Lines of Life and Death

The persecution of Sinti and Roma in the Nazi era
The lives of a Czech Romni and a German Sinto
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