As a disseminator of knowledge the Academy aims to explain policies and politics and to communicate European political connections. By strengthening the critical ability of each individual citizen, EAB in this way makes its contribution towards a vital civil society in Germany and in Europe.

EAB is active in Berlin and for Berlin.

In Berlin, the Academy is a well-established location for meetings of all kinds for an international clientele – addressing always current and relevant topics. And it does so as ever at the highest standard of substantial and pedagogic-didactic objectives. In its work the Academy is characterised by an excellent team – both in the educational as well as seminar and project management fields. The Academy building is in addition a venue for seminars and conferences – with its conference hotel, very modern conference equipment and its own catering service on site. In this way, it is also an attractive venue for out-of-house organisations and private guests.

Our target groups include multiplier figures – teachers, diplomats, people in media, political makers, representatives of civil society, universities –, players in policy-making environments and government / national institutions, together with interested members of the wider general public.
Bismarckallee 46/48
14193 Berlin

Tel.: +49 (0)30 8959510

Digital Lines of Life and Death

The persecution of Sinti and Roma in the Nazi era
The lives of a Czech Romni and a German Sinto
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